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Here are some comments from some of our satisfied puppy owners...

Ginger is a Goldendoodle.
Half grown at 32 lbs.


Hello! Here are some recent pictures of Ginger. She weighed 32 lbs yesterday. She is doing well and has the BEST disposition!!

Max is a Goldendoodle.
Born Jan. 2008

Here is a picture of Max. ... we got him from you at 6 weeks ....what a joy he is.


Baxter, 1 Year old Goldendoodle.



One year ago today we were very lucky to have you send us Baxter. We would like to thank you very much for letting us have him. Boy has he grown in this first year. That little puppy has grown to be 70lbs. Are we glad we asked for the runt.
I have had dogs most of my life and Baxter has to be the smartest dog I have ever had. At times both my wife and I are afraid he is smarted than both of us. He has been a true blessing and we could not think of our lives without him. He goes to work with my wife each day and most days when I get off around 2:00PM, I go get him and bring him home. He gets left along for a few hours on the weekends but 90% of the time he is with one of us. Unfortunately, I have to say he has become a Mommy's dog. If he has to chose between my wife of me, she always wins.
Again, thank for this privilage.
Steve Stocks



This is a fun pix of Lexie from this weekend. Needless to say, she
loves the wind in her face.

Have a great day!


Hi Judy,

My name is Teresa Sikes and my husband/son purchased a Labradoodle from you last summer (august). We named her Kloey and LOVE her very much!!! She has kept us very very busy with her silly personality that she has alot of by the way... She has really been a great family dog as she loves us all very much!
I thought I would send you some beautiful photographs I have taken of Miss Kloey along the way. I think her eyes say it all...
 I also have a small photography business as you might guess from the pics. www.teresaphotography.com
Hope you enjoy, I know I would if I was a breeder :)

As you may have guessed she is a great office/studio girl. I think she really likes her picture taken :)



"We LOVE Zoey so much!!!!  She is the most incredible animal I have ever seen.  She wants to talk so badly.  She throws her voice way back into her throat trying to make noises like I have never heard before.  She loves us so much, is so smart and entirely too beautiful.  Everywhere we take her (which is almost everywhere), people ask us about her.  Or as they pass us, they say, "That's the kind of dog I want!"  She is lovely.  Last night I was saying as we were sitting at the table enjoying dinner, "Zoey is the best blessing of 2005 to our family!"  We love her, and don't be surprised if someday we are not calling you about another puppy.  Thank you for all that you did to turn her into such a lovely pet.  We wish you blessings in 2006....It is the Year of the Dog....Johanna and I found great coffee mugs at Mudbay Granary to celebrate with on New Year's Eve.  XOXOXOXO"
Seattle, WA


I was so excited to get your email.  We love the labradoodle we got from you last July (?).  He was from your litter May 15, 2005.  My daughter calls him a dorkadoodle!  I had an inspection of my house last week and the inspector took a couple of pictues of him through a window - I'm attaching them for you but will take some better pics soon.  He's a BIG boy - I don't know how big they get but he's not even 8 months.

I got a kitten 6 weeks ago and Oscar (the kitten) and Murphy are the best of friends.  Luckily it's a very confident cat, but they chase each other (yes, the kitten chases the BIG dog) and are constantly pestering one another.

I'd love to see pics of others from his litter to compare.  I'll check your website from time to time.
Shannon Doherty

"Hi Judy, We are honored for you to use Elow's pictures and testimonial on your website.  
The first pictures were at approximately 5 months old.  I am attaching a couple of other pictures shortly after we got him, I think he would have been about 12 weeks.  They are a couple of my favorites.  We just adore him!
Thanks again!"
In Christ - Teri Zahn


"Rosie turned one today and I just wanted to thank you again for our great dog.  She now weighs about 55 pounds and is built more like a poodle than a golden.   She loves all people and dogs.  She especially loves children.  My brother says she is a diamond in the "ruff".

Thanks again.  Robyn Stahl
Bainbridge Island, WA

  Im not sure if you remember me, but I purchased a labradoodle from you
in Feb 2007. Her birthday is Dec 28, 2006 if that helps you
remember. Anyway I was just looking through your website and I
thought that maybe you would like to see Dottie B. She is so smart
and so loving. I am actually living in Manhattan Beach CA now so she
gets to play in the waves all the time. She loves to swim. Anyway
just wanted to thank you for a wonderful dog, actually the best dog in
the world, Im kinda obsessed with her and so is everyone else.
Well hope you enjoy the pics and thank you again :)
Brianna Haigh
Manhattan Beach, CA







Hi -
It is so hard to believe that "Koko Puff" will be 4 on Friday, May 
15, 2009. She is such a joy to us. She has been in full service for 2 
years now and knows her stuff. Everywhere we go she steals the show. 
With the "Service Dog on Board" stickers in our car windows and her 
harness she is hard to miss but her face is so wonderful that people 
are drawn to her then step back and realize she is working and know 
they can't pet her. It is fun to watch them (sometimes). I get more 
questions with her than I ever did with my other two dogs. My goal has 
always been to educate people to what other services, service dogs can 
do. She has been a big help in this endeavor.
Her trainers said that she caught on so quickly. They were impressed, 
She actually trained early after she was certified with kindergarden 
and basic obedience in our home environment. Her final training was 
with a Swedish Man. They were a great pair. She was only gone 12 
weeks. Passed all her tests and put to full work the week she turned 
2. Actually she was working before that but as far as me relying on 
her with my life issues . . .
She doesn't shed at all. We were really lucky with this one. We can't 
be happier. We keep her short because she works so much, and the mouth 
has to be clipped to help me(not to mention it keeps the water dish 
area cleaner). She weighs in at 66. The vet wants her more at 60 so we 
are working on that. She runs between 5 & 7 miles 5 times a week. If 
we didn't live in Florida she would do that daily. The pavement is too 
hot and hurts her pads. She uses the orange and blue rubber chuck-it 
ball as a pacifier. It is her favorite toy. She also likes toys that 
It has only been in the last year that we have noticed her getting 
freckles on her belly and nose. She was about 18 months old before she 
started to spread in the hips and get the lab look from her mom. She 
started to get a few of the wiry white hairs at about 2 years. I 
would say she has them scattered throughout her body at about 2%.
We loved seeing the one of her brother Murphy on your web site and 
hope there are more some day. I think there were 11 in her litter. 
Here are some pictures of her. ( am being a bragging mommie now) We 
will be coming to you for a male in about 2 years.
Lucille, Joe, & Koko Hughes





get this gear!

Jenna is about an 18 month old labradoodle.
John Borchert
Victorian Gardens, Inc.




Puppy Down Payment of $200
(Balance is due when puppy is picked up.)